ud yazadān ō amāh frayādišnīgīhā rasānd ud rasēnānd ārāstār ī ēd abārīg -iz dēnīg ristag pad yazadān nām ud xwābarīh ud purr_xwārīh aboxšišnīgīh meh tuwāngarīh ud tuwānīgīh ,
  • deu - [IC] And the gods may come to us in an assisting way and may cause to arrive the restorer of this (the baršnūm?, thus Kanga) (and) also of the other religious rules, in the name and beneficience and full glory (and) mercifulness (and) the great(est?) wealth and powerfulness of the gods.
  • deu - [Kanga68] And may the yazats come to us for our help and may they cause the restorer of this (Barašnūm) and even other religious modes to come by the name, munificence, full-weal, mercifulness, great powerfulness and potentiality of the Worshipful Beings!!

ud and CCONJ yazadān god NOUN Number:Plur Transc:Yes Animacy:Anim ō to ADP AdpType:Prep amāh we PRON PronType:Prs Number:Plur Person:1 frayādišnīgīhā ADV AdvType:Man rasānd arrive VERB Person:3 Number:Plur Subcat:Intr VerbForm:Fin Mood:Subj Tense:Past ud and CCONJ rasēnānd VERB Person:3 Tense:Past Mood:Subj VerbForm:Fin Subcat:Tran Number:Plur ārāstār restorer NOUN Subcat:Tran ī Ezafe DET ēd this PRON PronType:Dem abārīg other DET PronType:Ind -iz also ADV dēnīg religious ADJ ristag NOUN Animacy:Inan pad in ADP AdpType:Prep yazadān god NOUN Transc:Yes Animacy:Anim Number:Plur nām name NOUN Animacy:Inan ud and CCONJ xwābarīh NOUN Animacy:Inan ud and CCONJ purr_xwārīh NOUN Animacy:Inan aboxšišnīgīh NOUN Animacy:Inan meh greater ADJ Degree:Cmp tuwāngarīh NOUN Animacy:Inan Typo:Yes ud and CCONJ tuwānīgīh NOUN Animacy:Inan