ēg -iz nōg nōg az frahist šahrān ōwōn pad hanǰābišn ēstēd ī -mān ī padiš čimīgīhā garān bēš bīm
  • deu - [IC] Then also again and again as regards (lit.: from) most of the towns/counties(?) it stands so in collaps that (there is) significantly heavy harm (and) fear for us thereby
  • deu - [Kanga68] ... then too, it is so declining, ever and anon, from many cities that thereby we reasonably (invite) grievious distress and fear.

ēg then ADV AdvType:Tim -iz also ADV nōg again ADJ nōg again ADJ Echo:Rdp az from ADP AdpType:Prep frahist most ADJ Degree:Sup šahrān NOUN Typo:Yes Number:Plur Animacy:Inan ōwōn so ADV AdvType:Man pad in ADP AdpType:Prep hanǰābišn NOUN VerbForm:Vnoun Animacy:Inan Subcat:Tran ēstēd stand VERB Person:3 VerbForm:Fin Mood:Ind Subcat:Intr Tense:Pres Number:Sing ī that SCONJ -mān we PRON Person:1 Case:Acc Number:Plur PronType:Prs ī Ezafe DET padiš thereby ADV AdvType:Man čimīgīhā significantly ADV AdvType:Man garān ADJ bēš harm NOUN Animacy:Inan bīm fear NOUN Animacy:Inan