ud man pad ēn gumān mow kām abāg ahlāyīh hamwimand
  • deu - [IC] And concerning this I (have) no doubt that the will of the mow (
  • deu - [Kanga68] And I (have) no doubt as to this that the will of that learned priest is not contagious with (his) piety, ...

ud and CCONJ man I PRON Number:Sing Person:1 PronType:Prs pad concerning ADP AdpType:Prep ēn this DET PronType:Dem not PART PartType:Neg gumān doubt NOUN Animacy:Inan that SCONJ mow NOUN Animacy:Hum Gender:Masc kām NOUN Animacy:Inan abāg with ADP AdpType:Prep ahlāyīh righteousness NOUN Animacy:Inan not PART PartType:Neg hamwimand ADJ Typo:Yes