čiyōn ān -iz hangōšīdag andar dēn gōwēd ahlāyīh menēd pad ēd dārēd -m kirbag ēw kird ud drōzišn windēd wināh ō būn bawēd ō nasāōmand āb bē_zōhr frāz barēd ayāb abar pad nihuftag ud tārīk bē_zōhr frāz barēd andar šab
  • deu - [IC] Like also that analogy says in the tradition (here: in PV): “He thinks of righteousness—[he considers it for this: ‘I did a good deed.’] and finds deception [so that the sin applies to his account], (he) who carries forth a frowned libation to dead-matter-containing water or who at the hidden darkness carries forth a frowned libation in the night.
  • deu - [Kanga68] ... just like that analogy which is mentioned in the Scriptures: “He who brings the holy water libation to the contaminated water, or who forthwith brings the holy water libation secretly and in the dark during the night, thinks of holiness and considers that I have done a good work but attains to sinfulness, i.e. a sin originates with him.”

čiyōn like SCONJ ān that DET PronType:Dem -iz also ADV hangōšīdag analogy NOUN Animacy:Inan andar in ADP AdpType:Prep dēn tradition NOUN Animacy:Inan gōwēd say VERB Tense:Pres Person:3 VerbForm:Fin Mood:Ind Number:Sing Subcat:Tran that SCONJ ahlāyīh righteousness NOUN Animacy:Inan menēd VERB Person:3 Number:Sing VerbForm:Fin Subcat:Tran Mood:Ind Tense:Pres pad for ADP AdpType:Prep ēd this PRON PronType:Dem dārēd hold VERB Tense:Pres Person:3 Mood:Ind VerbForm:Fin Number:Sing Subcat:Tran that SCONJ -m I PRON Number:Sing Person:1 Case:Acc PronType:Prs kirbag pious deed NOUN Animacy:Inan ēw one DET Definite:Ind kird do VERB Number:Sing Person:3 Subcat:Tran Tense:Past VerbForm:Fin Mood:Ind ud and CCONJ drōzišn NOUN VerbForm:VNoun Animacy:Inan Subcat:Tran windēd VERB Subcat:Tran Person:3 Mood:Ind VerbForm:Fin Tense:Pres Number:Sing that SCONJ PRON Case:Acc PronType:Prs Person:3 Number:Sing wināh sin NOUN Animacy:Inan ō to ADP AdpType:Prep būn NOUN Animacy:Inan bawēd be VERB VerbForm:Fin Person:3 Tense:Pres Mood:Ind Subcat:Intr VerbType:Light Number:Sing who SCONJ PronType:Rel ō to ADP AdpType:Prep nasāōmand ADJ Typo:Yes āb water NOUN Animacy:Inan bē_zōhr frowned libation NOUN Animacy:Inan frāz forth ADV AdvType:Loc barēd carry VERB VerbForm:Fin Number:Sing Person:3 Tense:Pres Subcat:Tran Mood:Ind ayāb or CCONJ who SCONJ PronType:Rel abar at ADP AdpType:Prep pad in ADP AdpType:Prep nihuftag hidden ADJ Subcat:Tran ud and CCONJ tārīk dark NOUN Animacy:Inan bē_zōhr frowned libation NOUN Animacy:Inan frāz forth ADV AdvType:Loc barēd carry VERB Tense:Pres Subcat:Tran VerbForm:Fin Mood:Ind Person:3 Number:Sing andar in ADP AdpType:Prep šab night NOUN Animacy:Inan