ud az -iz hamēšag_kārīh ud nibēg_ārāyišnīh ī ud hanǰamanīg_gōwišnīh ī abar abrang ī dēn nērang ī ǰudpahikārišn paydāg
  • deu - [IC] And also from the continuous performance (of rituals), the arrangement of books and the speech in the assembly of the *glory(?) (K35: superior) of the religion about this the heresy of different disputes is evident.
  • deu - [Kanga68] ... and even from the compilation of the doctrine for permanent use and from the public speech of his as to the exoterics of religious ritual is manifest without dispute ...

ud and CCONJ az from ADP AdpType:Prep -iz also ADV hamēšag_kārīh continuous performance NOUN Typo:Yes Animacy:Inan ud and CCONJ nibēg_ārāyišnīh arrangement of books NOUN Animacy:Inan Typo:Yes ī X DET ud and CCONJ hanǰamanīg_gōwišnīh speech in the assembly NOUN Animacy:Inan ī Ezafe DET it PRON Case:Acc PronType:Prs Number:Sing Person:3 abar ADP AdpType:Prep abrang NOUN Animacy:Inan ī Ezafe DET dēn religion NOUN Animacy:Inan nērang NOUN Animacy:Inan ī Ezafe DET ǰudpahikārišn different dispute NOUN Animacy:Inan VerbForm:Vnoun Subcat:Tran paydāg ADJ