u -m rāmišn čand az ham drōd āgāhīh rāy abzūd
  • deu - [IC] And my pleasure so much increased on account of the very same knowledge on the well-being.
  • deu - [Kanga68] And my delight has so much increased on account of the information of salutation ...

u and CCONJ -m I PRON Person:1 Number:Sing Case:Acc PronType:Prs rāmišn pleasure NOUN Animacy:Inan čand so much PRON PronType:Ind az from ADP AdpType:Prep,Circ ham very same ADJ drōd well-being NOUN Animacy:Inan āgāhīh knowledge NOUN Animacy:Inan rāy for ADP AdpType:Post,Circ abzūd increase VERB Tense:Past Person:3 VerbForm:Fin Mood:Ind Number:Sing Subcat:Intr