ud nōg meh arzōg ī abar paywastīhā madan ī az -iz nūn frāz āgāhīh ī abar druwist_winnirdagīh drōdag_xīrīh ud kirbag frayistīhā abzōnīgīhā ruwān_kāmagīh [ī] ašmāh wuzurg dēn_menīdārīh hangārd ud kirbagīh payrāst
  • deu - [IC] And anew (there is) great desire on the continually coming, also from now on, of information on your state of being well-organised (and having) prospering matters and most of all (and) increasingly pious deeds and (having) desire for the soul, (you) who considered great cogitation of the religion (and) arranged piety.
  • deu - [Kanga68] ... (that) there is again an immense desire for information continually transmitting, even hereafter, about the proper organisation, lasting good conduct and immensity of meritorious deeds beneficently and with the love of the soul of you who have regarded great thoughtfulness for religion on account of exceeding meritoriousness, ...

ud and CCONJ nōg anew ADV AdvType:Tim meh great(er) ADJ Degree:Cmp arzōg desire NOUN Animacy:Inan ī Ezafe DET abar on ADP AdpType:Prep paywastīhā continually ADV AdvType:Man madan coming NOUN VerbForm:Inf Subcat:Intr ī Ezafe DET az from ADP AdpType:Prep -iz also ADV nūn now ADV AdvType:Tim frāz forth ADV AdvType:Loc āgāhīh information NOUN Animacy:Inan ī Ezafe DET abar on ADP AdpType:Prep druwist_winnirdagīh state of (having) prospering matters NOUN Animacy:Inan drōdag_xīrīh state of (having) prospering matters NOUN Animacy:Inan ud and CCONJ kirbag pious deed NOUN Animacy:Inan frayistīhā ADV AdvType:Deg Typo:Yes Degree:Sup abzōnīgīhā increasingly ADV AdvType:Man ruwān_kāmagīh state of (having) desire for the soul NOUN Animacy:Inan [ī] Ezafe DET ašmāh you PRON PronType:Prs Person:2 Number:Plur who SCONJ PronType:Rel wuzurg great ADJ dēn_menīdārīh cogitation of the religion NOUN Animacy:Inan hangārd VERB Tense:Past Mood:Ind Person:3 Subcat:Tran Typo:Yes VerbForm:Fin Number:Sing ud and CCONJ kirbagīh NOUN Animacy:Inan payrāst arrange VERB Person:3 Number:Sing Tense:Past Subcat:Tran VerbForm:Fin Mood:Ind