huwīrīh yazdān wāspuhragānīh ī -tān ast rāy az abzōn ī -tān wisp_farroxīh ud tabīgīhā urwāzīhā kāmagtom
  • deu - [IC] Because of the good intelligence and the nobility of the gods, which is yours, on account of the increase of your all-happiness (it is) fervently and joyfully desirable.
  • deu - [Kanga68] ... good intellect and the state-of-being-the-chosen-ones of god which you possess and owing to abundance whereby you are most desirous of all-prosperity and over-flowing joy ...

huwīrīh good intelligence NOUN Animacy:Inan yazdān god NOUN Animacy:Anim Transc:Yes Number:Plur wāspuhragānīh NOUN Animacy:Inan ī which SCONJ PronType:Rel -tān you PRON PronType:Prs Number:Plur Person:2 Case:Acc ast VERB Tense:Pres Mood:Ind Number:Sing VerbForm:Fin Person:3 Subcat:Intr rāy for ADP AdpType:Post az from ADP AdpType:Prep abzōn increase NOUN Animacy:Inan ī Ezafe DET -tān you PRON PronType:Prs Number:Plur Case:Acc Person:2 wisp_farroxīh all-happiness NOUN Animacy:Inan ud and CCONJ tabīgīhā ADV AdvType:Man urwāzīhā ADV AdvType:Man Typo:Yes kāmagtom ADJ Degree:Sup