ud any gyāg nimūd ēstēd yōǰdāsrīh ī -iz pad ruwān pad yōǰdahrīh [ī] tan šāyēd xwēšēnīd
  • deu - [IC] And in another passage (lit.: place) is is demonstrated that the purity of the soul can be appropriated even through the purity of the body.
  • deu - [Kanga68] And it is shown in another place that the purification even unto the soul can be appropriated by the purification of the body; ...

ud and CCONJ any other DET PronType:Ind gyāg place NOUN Animacy:Inan nimūd demonstrate VERB Tense:Past Subcat:Tran VerbForm:Part ēstēd stand AUX Tense:Pres Mood:Ind Person:3 VerbForm:Fin Number:Sing Subcat:Intr VerbType:Cop that SCONJ yōǰdāsrīh purity NOUN Animacy:Inan ī Ezafe DET -iz even ADV pad for ADP AdpType:Prep ruwān soul NOUN Animacy:Anim pad through ADP AdpType:Prep yōǰdahrīh purity NOUN Animacy:Inan [ī] Ezafe DET tan body NOUN Animacy:Hum šāyēd be possible VERB Mood:Ind Person:3 Voice:Act VerbType:Mod Number:Sing VerbForm:Fin Tense:Pres xwēšēnīd VERB VerbForm:Inf Subcat:Tran