u -m dušox_tār zarīg wēnišn dušox_kār pad sam škeftīhā ō dil menišn abganihēd
  • deu - [IC] And therefrom it is thrown on me the experience (lit.: seeing) of the grief of the darkness of hell and the effect (lit.: work) of hell on (my) heart (and) mind by the terror in an distressing way (or: by the hardships of terror).
  • deu - [Kanga68] Very severe grief and evil hellish effect are cast thereby on my heart and mind with terror and violently, ...

u and CCONJ -m I PRON Number:Sing Person:1 Case:Acc PronType:Prs dušox_tār darkness of hell NOUN Animacy:Inan zarīg NOUN Animacy:Inan wēnišn see VERB Typo:Yes VerbForm:Vnoun Subcat:Tran Mood:Nec dušox_kār work of hell NOUN Animacy:Inan pad by ADP AdpType:Prep sam terror NOUN Animacy:Inan škeftīhā distressing ADV AdvType:Man ō to ADP AdpType:Prep dil heart NOUN Animacy:Inan menišn VERB Subcat:Tran Mood:Nec VerbForm:Vnoun abganihēd be thrown VERB Subcat:Intr Tense:Pres VerbForm:Fin Number:Sing Mood:Ind Person:3